60W 110V / 220v 908F Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit

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Package included:
For soldering
1 1 x 110V 60w Adjustable Soldering Iron
2 1 x deSoldering pump
3 1 x Solder Wire 50g
4-8 5 x Soldering Iron Tips in Different Types
9 1 x woldering wick
10 1 X Sponge
11 1 x solder stand
12 1 x copper wire 0.1mm
For desoldering
13 1x magnigier with light 15x (with out battery)
14 1 x Cutter
15 1 x Scrapaper +6 x Blade of Scrapaper
16-18 3 x Twezzer
19 1 x Eletronic pen
20 1 x Tools Crowbar
21 1x Tools carry bag

1.It is very important that please slowly heating during using. Overheating will weaken solder tip function. It should select use in a low temperature to prolong tip’s life-span. Please keep using within proper temperature.
2. Impurities in the metals are very easy to become oxidations in the process of soldering. And these oxidations will reduce soldering iron tip working efficiency so that requires more
professional cleaning.
Otherwise, Solder tip will not stick to tin. Please be careful to clean the soldering iron tip.
3. Do not allow the iron to idle at operating temperatures for extended periods. This could burn the soldering iron and even other things.