22 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Magnetic Driver Kit, Repair Tool Kits With Portable Box for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTouch, Cell Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop, MacBook & other Electronics

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Product description

Cellphone Repair Tools with Magnetic Driver Kit

Product Advantages:

★Repair Tool Kits With Portable Box.It will convenience and portable

★Will not losing or dropping screws, nails, bolts, pins, needles, drill bits.

★Maximum durability and an overall pleasant user experience.

★The screwdrivers handle is made of two color materials, holding operation is comfortable. Screwdrivers have rotation and anti-skid design, durable and practical.

Package include:

1x SIM Card Tray Opener.

1x Protective film tool.

1 x Flat Bits:1.5 -For intenal of iPhone 4 4s 5G and other appliances.

1 x Triwing Bits:★1.2 -For internal screws on MacBook Pro/iPad/Watch and other smartphones repair.

1 x Phillips Bits:+1.5(PH000) -For case screws and some internal; outer screws on Macbook,MacBook Pro; laptop,smartphones; iPhone 4/4s,iPhone 5/5s and other appliances.

2x Metal opening pry tools.

2 x Anti-static tweezers.

2 x ultra thin triangular pry tool come with plastic tools box.

2 x Torx Bits:T5,T6 -For some screws on mobile phones/laptops/tablets/computers/hard drives/Macbook/Macbook air/Retina Macbook 2010-2012 and other appliances.

3 x Metal opening pry tools.

4 x Pentalobe Bits:★0.8,0.6Y H5 2.5MM -For somes screws on iPhone 7 7PLUS 6 6Plus 6S 5 5S 4 4S,MacBook and other appliances.