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4mm Banana Safety Test Lead: CE CATIII 1000V/Max.19A. Red+ Black.
4mm Banana Crocodile Clip, CE CATIII 1000V/Max.32A, Red+ Black.
4mm Banana Female to Female Adaptor for Leads Plug Connector Coupler CE, Red+ Black.
4mm Banana Insulated Cable Piercer, Red+ Black.
Flexiable Grabber wth 4mm Socket Test Clip Pincer, Red+ Black.
Insulated Alligator with 4mm Socket Small Size, Red+ Black.
4mm Safety Test Clip 1000v 5a Black Red Multimeter Test Probe Test Hook Clip CE, Red+ Black.
Safety Test Lead with Inaulated 4mm Stackable Plug on both ends, Gold Plated Plugs with the Red Cap CE, Red+ Black.
1mm Stab Car Line Test Table Bar Test Probe CE 30Vac-60Vdc/Max.1A, Red+ Black.
0.7mm Test Needle Tip Probe Test Probe CE 30Vac-60Vdc/Max.1A, Red+ Black.
Full Insulated Cable Piercer with 4mm Socket, Red+ Black.
2mm Banana Full Insulated mini Crocodile Alligator Clips, Red+ Black.
4mm Banan Crocodile Alligator Clips 10A Multimeter Tester Probe Leads, Red+ Black.
4mm Banana Shrouded Plug to Y Fork Adaptor, Red+ Black.
4mm Banana Shrouded to Unshrouded Plug Converters Adaptor, Red+ Black.